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What is a Social Souper?

Kelsey Martin
By Kelsey Martin  //  Tue 17th December 2013
Over the last month we’ve seen some great presentations from our media owners: Social Soup, Uni Car Ads and ebay. We learnt about 'soupers,' advertising to students and brand switches. 

What is a Social Souper?

Absolute Vodka used Social Soup (the UK's most influential Word of Mouth agency) to launch their new premium vodka brand: ‘Absolute Elyx.'

Roxy, Influence Director at Social Soup talked us through the ways that Social Soup can help brands to gain trial, create brand awareness and just what a ‘Souper’ was.  

Soupers are carefully selected based on their potential to influence. Soupers get the opportunity to trial, taste and share products. Their reviews shared on social networks put their voices into action.

For Absolute Elyx , ‘Soupers’ managed to create 503,636 online conversations about the new super premium vodka, watch and see how:

Social Soup’s goal is to give forward thinking companies the opportunity to engage influential people in an authentic and meaningful way, to create positive conversations for their brands

A very clever and cost effective way to target to students:

Charlie Warburg Co - Founder of Uni Car Ads came in to tell us a little bit more about Uni Car Ads and how it works. Quite simply, it works by placing large ads on student cars that are then parked within the densely populated areas that students live in surrounding the campus.

All you have to do is tell Uni Car Ads what your brand objectives are and they will then tailor a bespoke campaign to your needs. All car locations can be viewed on an interactive map, allowing you to see the exact location of the cars. 

In just under 2 years, Uni Car Ads has expanded from one city to every large city in the UK, with over 10,000 cars available UK wide. They’ve also won a number of awards: Lloyds TSB for best start up in the North West, Santander Universities Entrepreneurship Award as well as a Blueprint Award. Well done guys! 

View Uni Car Ad’s advertising opportunities and case studies here

ebay on brand switchers:

At our latest ISBA Networking and Insight evening, Guy Jones from ebay, spoke to members about their new research into the behaviour of brand 'switchers', and how brands can reduce the leaking of this group, while also attracting them from competitors. If you would like to find out more about brand switchers, email: for the full presentation. 

View ebay's advertising opportunities and case studies here

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