CASE STUDY: Fullbrooks of England

Provided by Reach Local
Increasing the efficiency and tracking abilities of Fullbrooks digital marketing strategy.

What was the Challenge / Background of the Campaign?

Before using ReachLocal, Fullbrooks digital marketing strategy was focussed mainly on SEO. They were also experimenting with a variety of Ad campaigns including a re-marketing strategy and Ad words with little effect.

What was the Campaign Objective?

Fullbrooks wanted to be able to track exactly where there Ad spend was working which would allow them to concentrate there budget and efforts on those points. Making there digital advertising more efficient.

What was the Solution?

We realised that the bespoke interior plastering that Fullbrooks created was of a high quality & would require targeting high income home-owners. Knowing this, we were able to target a very specific area of London where we knew there would be increased demand for these services. We were also able to track site visitors through form submissions as well as brochure downloads which gave Fullbrooks the option to contact the customer directly. All of these calls were then tracked and recorded, allowing this to be used as a training tool as well as a way to measure lead quality.

What were the Results?

Fullbrooks are now able to track exactly where there spend is working. They have also experienced an increase in call enquiry volumes from potential clients. "What ReachLocal has done is enable us to track exactly where our spend is working, and stop us worrying about whether the phone was going to ring, to having to find a system to manage the calls that are coming in." Darren Fullbrook, Managing Director at Fullbrooks of England

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