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CASE STUDY: Xbox 360 helps to KINECT the whole family

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'You are the controller'- Find out how Xbox managed to encourage mutual game play amongst all the family.

What was the Challenge / Background of the Campaign?

The background of the campaign was to promote brand awareness, and to showcase the new Xbox 360 Kinect. Xbox also thought that there should be one complete entertainment system in just one room of the house.

What was the Campaign Objective?

Xbox wanted to raise awareness of key games and their play ability, all of which would help to prepare for Kinect training. They wanted one complete entertainment system that appealed to all of the family, not just the children, and to showcase the new Xbox Kinect's unique gameplay.

What was the Solution?

The solution was to allow for a campaign which aimed at a broader target audience. Live action was chosen to showcase the product in the most effective way. Filming on location, Xbox shot the footage for the 90" spots and the 20" cut down version.After effects and animation completed the spot to showcase web footage and prizes.The spot pushed kids online to a bespoke microsite where they could learn all about the Xbox Kinect and the great games available. Three mini games were created which acted as the competition mechanic to win an Xbox Kinect and GAME vouchers.

What were the Results?

The site showed 170,000 page views, over 34,000 visits, and the average time spent on the site reached just over 5 minutes.The children appeared to find it extremely humorous to watch a member of your family play the game.

What were the Key Learnings of this Campaign?

This campaign really opened up the target audience that computer games were originally aimed at, and proved that this could be fun for the entire family, not only the children. This means that games can be sold and advertised more broadly.

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BudgetReach & FrequencyTarget AudienceMedia Used
Contact for detailsThe site attracted 170,000 page views & over 34,000 visits
0 - 9
10 - 15
Kids HH
Campaign LocationCampaign DurationMarketing ObjectiveCampaign Type
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