How radio and online combine to fulfil brand interactions

Provided by Radiocentre
New research from the RAB and the IAB demonstate how radio and online combine to make things happen for brands

Tell us about the Opportunity / What is it?

According to new research, 48% of internet users have listened to radio when online in the last week, and at any given time, 20% of web users are also listening to the radio. This makes the combination a significant media opportunity. Indeed radio is the only medium which can be consumed at the same time as people are on the internet. It's the ideal companion to the often solitary activity of surfing online and consequently can be a powerful means of connecting with internet users

What is the Marketing Objective?

Combine radio with online to reach out and engage consumers to respond online

How does it work?

Research suggests that adding radio to online enables brands that seek to stimulate immediate response to reach out to and engage new customers, and prompt them to search, enquire, or purchase online. In fact, 57% of the sample claim to have checked things on the internet after just hearing about them on the radio

Who's used it in the past?

The 'Freeloader' case study at RAB OnLine ( provides details of how such an approach was employed to drive online gaming.

Features / Benefits

Some of our findings: a) Almost 50% listen to radio when online each week, b) 20% of online users are listening at any given time, c) online and radio provide complementary rational and emotional consumer benefits, d) combining radio and online significantly enhances response

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