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RESEARCH Food for Thought - parents attitude to food advertising

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Understanding Mums attitudes to food and drink advertising on kids TV channels.

What was the Challenge / Background of the Campaign?

In 2007 OFCOM introduced rules banning the advertising of HFSS foods (High Fat, Salt and Sugar) on kids channels & around high profiling kid's programs to combat childhood obesity. In the light of the publicity surrounding the issue many advertisers felt that mums would object to the direct marketing of their products to kids. Nearly all food and drink brands, regardless of the fact they were compliant with the HFSS rules, stopped advertising on kids channels. As a result, mums and kids have been missing out on key messages about healthy food and drink products.

What was the Campaign Objective?

To investigate mums' attitudes to food and drink advertising on TV channels.

What was the Solution?

We wanted to investigate mums' attitudes to food & drink advertising on TV channels. As part of the study we looked at: - Mums' attitudes towards their children's diet - How they felt about food and drink advertising on kids channels - Their understanding of the HFSS rules - The influences on their food brand/product choices - The potential role of advertising on kids' TV channels in light of the HFSS rules. As part of the study we conducted a simulated test of the impact of a food/drink brand advertising on a kids' TV channel (Boomerang). The survey took place online.

What were the Results?

Results of the survey demonstrated that mums need more information: 88% of mums said they were familiar with RDA, but only 18% of mums said they knew what the RDA of salt sugar and fat for kids was; 64% say they usually read the nutritional information on packaging, but 51% find it confusing. Parents welcome the advertising of food and drink products to kids: 69% agree that ads on children's TV channels can be useful at introducing me to new products that are relevant for their child, 66% agree that ads encourage the child to try new things. See attachment for full results.

What were the Key Learnings of this Campaign?

The HFSS rules mean that mums are positive about the food products that do advertise on kids' TV channels. TV advertising plays a crucial role in alerting mums to food products for their child - closely followed by requests from their child. Kids influence their mum's choice of brand in a wide range of food & drink categories and TV advertising has a big influence on what the child asks for. Mums respect companies that help them out and inform them without preaching. You can reach mums and kids together on kids channels and websites.

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