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Sponsor the UKs leading daily business & finance radio bulletins

Provided by Businessmedia (Sportsmedia's sister network)
Businessmedia is Sportsmedia's sister indy bulletin network delivering peaktime business & money oriented Lifestyle bulletins.

Tell us about the Opportunity / What is it?

Businessmedia is Sportsmedia's sister bulletin network on ILR delivering peaktime business & money oriented Lifestyle bulletins 1) live money/lifestyle bulletins with your message (2) Guaranteed annual reach at least 4.5 million (3) with over 89 million impacts Businessmedia is the finance desk for 90+ top UK radio stations: daily bulletins to Global's Gold network, Jazz FM and key UK FM's. Our in-house journalists deliver 300+ news bulletins everyday, and our content offers a unique, editorial opportunity which enables brands to deliver PR-based sponsorship messages.

What is the Marketing Objective?

Awareness, profile and delivering increased traffic to client's URL or destination offer on-line. Sportsmedia delivers a 6% uplift in web traffic in one week of bulletin delivery.

How does it work?

Our team runs daily finance and lifestyle stories in peak bulletins. We attach clients to this high impact content in the form of sponsorship straplines, brand ambassador interviews and spokesperson coverage. Businessmedia's unique model means we are the sole contracted supplier to each of our stations. Our team of in-house broadcasters create station-specfic bulletins for syndication across the entire country and we make our clients a central part of our bulletins. In most areas we're on multiple stations to achieve a broad drill down of audience.

Who's used it in the past?

IG Index, Yahoo, Homesun, Marketing Birmingham, Mecca Bingo and Samsung.

Features / Benefits

Businessmedia offers brands the only guaranteed PR offering in broadcasting. Our unique, must-listen-to content makes for unrivalled awareness at key listening times across Breakfast shows, lunch and Drivetime. As each broadcast is unique, we can tailor sponsor messages and straplines in an instant. Across a campaign, we can roll out a series of campaign messages building ownership of the event exclusively for the brand over others. We dictate the news agenda across our network. We don't need to shoehorn our clients in as we can put brand at the heart of broadcasts

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Guide PriceReach & FrequencyTarget AudienceMedia Types
£51k to £100k2,478,000 Station Aggregate Weekly Reach
All adultsBoth
LocationTimingsMarketing ObjectiveOpportunity Type
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