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SkyView - Improve targeting with Sky's latest consumer research

Provided by Sky Media
Sky panel of 500,000 Sky Digital Homes is a unique research tool, combining viewing behaviour with actual brand purchasing data
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Tell us about the Opportunity / What is it?

Improve the effectiveness of your targeting through the latest consumer insight from Sky's viewer panel of 500,000 Sky Digital Homes. The panel combines viewing data, interactive usage, product purchase and subscriber behaviour in one single source. There are several ways in which advertisers can benefit. Firstly, the data can be used to improve targeting. It will allow the targeting of brand buyers rather than more traditional demographic targeting. Secondly, more insight into return-on-investment and the effectiveness of TV advertising can all come from the panel

What is the Marketing Objective?

Insight into the viewing behaviour of actual brand buyers can improve effective targeting of consumers.

How does it work?

The 500,000 strong panel has been recruited by Taylor Nelson Sofres. Existing Taylor Nelson consumer panellists are also being signed up to the SkyView panel - Superpanel (tracks all products sales via supermarkets), Fashiontrak (tracks sales of fashion brands, cosmetics and CDs), Impulse panel (tracks 'impulse purchase' e.g. crisps, snacks and soft drinks). There are around 7,000 TNS panellists who are also Sky Subscribers. As many as possible have been recruited giving a large sample of single-source viewing and purchasing data.

Who's used it in the past?

This is a new opportunity for advertisers.

Features / Benefits

The panel covers purchasing of all product categories purchased in-store. TV viewing behaviour and advertising effectiveness can also be looked at for individual brands depending on the sample size generated by actual brand sales. There are significant benefits for advertisers. Insight into the viewing behaviour of actual brand buyers can improve effective targeting of consumers. SkyView can help advertisers to investigate the effectiveness of TV advertising and help to answer key questions concerning the financial return on media investment in the short-term.
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