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Pete Davis
By Pete Davis  //  Mon 23rd November 2020

Really proud that the briefing service was utilised by Weetabix to search for new ideas leading to this excellent partn...

Pete Davis
By Pete Davis  //  Fri 10th January 2020

Before Christmas we were really pleased to take a trip to the glitzy Football Business Awards 2019 where we had a fantastic evening of appreciation for the role of business in football and the impa...

Pete Davis
By Pete Davis  //  Wed 14th August 2013
It can be easy to assume that students as a demographic have limited purchasing power, especially in this day and age where many are struggling to find the funds to study in the first place.

Pete Davis
By Pete Davis  //  Wed 17th July 2013
Sports sponsorship has always had glamorous appeal – which brand doesn’t want to increase its status by being linked to competitiveness, action and success? But of course for all the high ...

Pete Davis
By Pete Davis  //  Wed 15th May 2013
Sponsorship was once viewed as something of a badging opportunity, in partic...
Sponsorship – how the nature of the game is changing
Pete Davis
By Pete Davis  //  Fri 3rd May 2013
On Thursday 2nd May, nearly 1,400 sport industry leaders came together to celebrate one of the most momentous sporting years in recent times. One of the highlights of the 2012 Sport Industry Awards, t...
Hill + Knowlton win sports agency of the year award 2012
Pete Davis
By Pete Davis  //  Fri 14th September 2012
‘Traditional marketing channels are dead’. This is the cry that we hear repeatedly from digital evangelists, who tell us that our more established channels of communication are being swa...
Old Spice, Pete Davis
Pete Davis
By Pete Davis  //  Tue 21st February 2012

I was considering the CBS / TfL affair, the massive London Underground advertising contract that’s back on track after a major derailment…

There aren’t many i...
CBS 4 sheet advertising on the london underground, Pete Davis
Pete Davis
By Pete Davis  //  Wed 4th January 2012

Kraft’s European vice president of marketing, Daryl Fielding, was recently quoted as saying “don’t forget customer needs in the rush to digital”, and for me this serves...
Facebook like, Pete Davis
Pete Davis
By Pete Davis  //  Fri 25th November 2011

Since the UK riots over the summer, brand marketing has found itself increasingly thrust under the spotlight and its ethics called into question. Undoubtedly, as a discipline, it does have a m...
Is brand marketing damaging our society? Pete Davis
Pete Davis
By Pete Davis  //  Thu 29th September 2011

Traditionally, with brand owners, media buying has been built on a three-way relationship between the brands themselves, media owners and media agencies. However, with the arrival of various p...

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