CASE STUDY: Helping Magnet build awareness & reach new audiences

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IPC helped Magnet build brand awareness and communicate to five new audiences the brand's values of quality and value for money.
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What was the Challenge / Background of the Campaign?

Magnet needed to build brand awareness and communicate to new audiences the brand's values of quality and value for money.

What was the Campaign Objective?

Magnet wanted to build on its brand awareness and communicate to five new audiences the Magnet brand values of quality and value for money. Magnet also wished to establish long lasting relationships with all target audiences particularly through the use of creative solutions to provide standout, frequency and longevity to the campaign.

What was the Solution?

The scale of the IPC portfolio meant we could provide a solution to the brief which delivered coverage and frequency throughout the whole year in highly relevant editorial content. We were able to present Magnet as the experts in their field by closely associating them with the editorial expertise of nine magazines and the IPC home interest portal which delivered a cross platform solution including marketing, display, special publishing projects and online activity. Results were tracked through pre-, mid- and post wave research.

What were the Results?

Brand Perception: By the end of the campaign there were clear results to show that Magnet was perceived as being more trusted, inexpensive and accessible whilst still being seen as good quality and providing expert advice. All the main objectives were met by this campaign Purchase Consideration: Of those who had seen the features 58% would consider making a purchase from Magnet by the end of the campaign Brand Awareness: Prompted awareness of the Magnet brand rose from 93% to 96% by the end of the campaign.

What were the Key Learnings of this Campaign?

Display Advertising: 77% found the advertising memorable with 68% agreeing that the adverts were stylish. Advertorials: 60% agreed that the features were interesting and informative, 54% agreed that the features gave them inspiration for their kitchen and an impressive 69% agreed that the features were excellent/good. Digital Advertising: 77% agreed that the adverts stood out on the website.
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