Sponsor Using Combined Approach of Co Promotions and Airtime

Provided by Global Radio
Sponsorship opportunity of Airtime and Co promotions on Classic FM, XFM and LBC.
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Tell us about the Opportunity / What is it?

Global Radio is pleased to offer the opportunity to sponsor Airtime and Co promotions on Classic FM, XFM and LBC. This co-promotion opportunity enables the radio station and an event, to work together in a mutually beneficial partnership. The station gives the event its full backing, both on and off air (online), adding massive credibility to that particular event.

What is the Marketing Objective?

A unique co-promotion sponsorship opportunity, which consists of branded trails that sit within the programming element of the radio station. The co-promotion sponsorship would harness the power and authority of the station to raise awareness and highlight a specific event and its details, like dates and the venue, making listeners aware of the event and encouraging ticket sales.

How does it work?

We will run station produced co-branded, peak trails (06:00 - 24:00) each day with one guaranteed breakfast peak per day. We may be able to include an announcement on-air regarding the event, directing listeners online for more information. Host link to tickets online at the station website enabling listeners purchase tickets. Ad-hoc Ticket give-away on-air or online (subject to programming approval).

Who's used it in the past?

Please contact us for details.

Features / Benefits

This opportunity means that the client will place the radio station's logo on any marketing activity that they are doing i.e. logo on press ads, on leaflets, on posters etc.
Guide PriceReach & FrequencyTarget AudienceMedia Types
£0 to £50k35 - 54 ABC1 audience
35 - 44
45 - 54
55 - 64
All Genders
LocationTimingsMarketing ObjectiveOpportunity Type
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