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Offering largescale access to our generous and humanitarian-minded readership... ideal in the event of an emergency
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Tell us about the Opportunity / What is it?

Whether in the wake of a disaster or an ongoing fundraising effort, charities must increasingly work harder to make the call for help heard. Telegraph Multi Charity has been designed to allow a timely response to an unexpected event, or a high-impact push for donations to a continuing worthy cause, by offering largescale access to our generous and humanitarian-minded readership... ideal in the event of an emergency

What is the Marketing Objective?

Drive awareness and donations to your charity

How does it work?

In The Daily Telegraph: 25 x 8 mono - Puzzles page. On Telegraph.co.uk News homepage takeover, 8,695k Performance Network impressions. Additional Bolt-on Opportunities: Telegraph.co.uk Homepage Takeover, Daily Telegraph Front Page / OBC, TV Listings / World News, Supplement Sponsorship, Charities Audience Targeting.

Who's used it in the past?

Please contact a member of the Telegraph Media Group team for details. Opportunity would be suitable for charity organisation.

Features / Benefits

A great audience to appeal to: Our audience loves to help others, 78% of TMG print & online audience have donated to charity in the last year, 40% of them have donated over £50 in the last year and a quarter have donated over £100. In 2009 Telegraph readers raised over £1 million for the annual Telegraph Christmas Charity Appeal. This opportunity thus has great potential for return for your charity. Reach 1,968,000 adults, with 2,009,000 Impacts. Average OTS: 1.02
Guide PriceReach & FrequencyTarget AudienceMedia Types
£0 to £50kReach: 1,968,000, Impacts: 2,009,000
All adultsBoth
LocationTimingsMarketing ObjectiveOpportunity Type
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