RESEARCH: IPC Insight research into Upmarket Motorists

Provided by Time Inc. UK
IPC investigate the relationship of specialist magazine readers and website users with their cards.
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What was the Challenge / Background of the Campaign?

IPC Insight research into 'Upmarket Motorists' to investigate the relationship of specialist magazine readers and website users with their cars. Upmarket Motorists are defined as being much more likely to be 4x4 owners and willing to spend despite the credit crunch. Cars are integral to the lives of our upmarket motorists.

What was the Campaign Objective?

To investigate the relationship of specialist magazine readers and website users and their cars.

What was the Solution?

An online survey was conducted in March 2009 and respondents were recruited using IPC's database of contacts as well as our websites and e-newsletters. The survey achieved a sample size of almost 6,500 adults who regularly interact with one of 17 Inspire brands. Upmarket Motorists examined the following about regular Inspire brand users: i) Car Ownership; ii) The Importance of 4x4s; iii) Usage and the Environment; iv) Purchasing Behaviour; v) Advertising and vi) Impact of the Credit Crunch and Future Outlook.

What were the Results?

Almost half of our readers or users own one compared to the national average of just 3%! They don't use them as 'Chelsea tractors' either - their towing and off road functionalities are hugely important to them. They don't feel guilty about owning a 4x4 as they simply can't do without it and the negative press surrounding them won't affect their next purchase. The credit crunch has not put our readers off buying a new car; indeed many of them are taking advantage of special offers and are continuing to spend..

What were the Key Learnings of this Campaign?

Upmarket Motorists has demonstrated the attractive nature of Inspire readers as they are wealthy and discerning when it comes to car purchase. They tend to live in multiple car households and have a preference for luxury marques. Their cars tend to be newer than the average car on the road with 1 in 5 owning a car that is less than 2 years old - 3 times higher than the national average. They have a preference for new cars and will spend an average of £21,605 on one.
BudgetReach & FrequencyTarget AudienceMedia Used
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25 - 34
35 - 44
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