CASE STUDY: Lurpak drive engagement of its new Cook's Range

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With powerful creative, cinema appeared to be the perfect place to engage and capture the brand's ABC1 target audience
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What was the Challenge / Background of the Campaign?

Lurpak launched its new Cook's Range with a real visual feast for the eyes. Wieden+Kennedy created a spot with the objective of transforming the way in which cooking can be seen. The ad is executed in a stylised fashion, making home cooking that bit more exciting and is described as a 'celebratory ode' to meal times. This new look created a cinematic feel and aimed to tap into experimental enthusiasts that thrive on cooking food from scratch.

What was the Campaign Objective?

To drive engagement and recall.

What was the Solution?

With this powerful creative, cinema appeared to be the perfect place to engage and capture the brand's ABC1 target audience of 'creative foodies' with its visual impact and ability to cut through to consumers. Lurpak chose cinema to add exposure to its overall campaign and to complement the broader TV activity to drive engagement and recall, as well as bringing the new product range to life on the big screen.

What were the Results?

+62% more words used to describe the Lurpak creative vs those exposed via TV (Cinema exposed = 23%, Non-cinema exposed = 15%). +131% Uplift in specific message recall for those exposed via Cinema (Cinema exposed = 37%, Non-cinema exposed = 16%). Encouraging curiosity: 53% more likely to take a positive action post-exposure (Cinema exposed = 23%, Non-cinema exposed = 15%). Increased consideration: 34% more likely to consider Lurpak (Cinema exposed = 43%, Non-cinema exposed = 32%).

What were the Key Learnings of this Campaign?

- The Cinema environment led to strong levels of recognition for the creative, adding incremental recall on top of the TV activity - The depth of understanding of the product led to higher levels of consumers taking a positive action post-exposure and greater consideration for Lurpak's Cook Range
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